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RCG Phishing Simulations & Cybersecurity
91% of successful data breaches begin with a phishing attack. Human error is every organization’s greatest cyber risk and the bad guys know it.
Phishing incidents are on the rise and the methods attackers are using are becoming more sophisticated. 76% of organizations say they experienced phishing attacks in the past year. More businesses than ever before have been duped into providing sensitive or proprietary information.
Due to the high volume of electronic messaging in the workplace, it only takes a momentary lapse in vigilance for a phishing scam to wreak havoc. Cyber-criminals can steal confidential and personal data, delete files and deploy ransomware with just one email. A single successful attack can result in reputation and monetary damage to your business.
Organizations face increasing client and regulatory scrutiny on implementing and maintaining effective information security controls. Phishing simulations and cybersecurity training are proven methods for enhancing security and bringing awareness to your employees.
Protect Your Data
It’s proven. The most effective foundation for data protection is a comprehensive security awareness and education program that combines:
  • Real-world phishing simulations
  • Interactive and engaging training
  • Security awareness reinforcement
Data from over 1 million learners across many industries show phishing simulations and awareness training measurably reduces phishing susceptibility rates. At RCG, we see most organizations initial phish rates around 29%.
By conducting routine phishing simulations, phish rates drop to around 7%. When you combine phishing simulations with continuous security awareness training, phish rates can drop as low as 1%.
Change Employee Behavior Through Ongoing Phishing Simulations & Reinforced Security Awareness Training

RCG provides phishing simulations that will help evaluate risky end-user behavior and help your workforce stay ahead of the latest threats. Regular and interactive phishing campaigns give employers the opportunity to safely educate employees without risking the loss of valuable information and data.


The simulated exercises provide anti-phishing awareness tips for phished learners. The purpose of the phishing simulations is not to admonish, shame or “catch” employees doing something wrong. Rather, it is to educate and offer some level of protection from today’s capable cyber-criminals.


Our delivery approach includes interactive security awareness training for all employees. RCG will establish a scheduled learning program that utilizes computer-based training modules to educate your employees on the latest cybersecurity threats and how to defend against them. You will build a safer business environment and your employees, even if they don’t admit it, will be thankful for the recurring phishing and security awareness education


Learn about our free trial phishing exercise.

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Features & Benefits

Phishing Simulation Exercises

  • Designed and tested to simulate real- world conditions

  • 2,000+ realistic email templates and custom template builder

  • Test user response to phishing simulations on a periodic basis

  • Phishing indicators with learning tips

  • Analytics and automated reporting

  • Security posture scorecards


Security Awareness Training Program

  • 500+ interactive and engaging training modules

  • Industry and role-based training micro- learning videos

  • Personalized learning plans- 12 month programs and curriculum ideas

  • Automated learning campaigns (enroll, remind, monitor)

  • Newsletters and tip sheets

  • Learner report cards


Program Management

  • Industry leading content and delivery

  • Gartner award-winning platform for integrated phishing and training program

  • Fully managed services handled by our professionals

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