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How prepared is your organization to respond to a significant business disruption or a cybersecurity incident that can cause a data breach?  
Your organization may have written procedures and defined strategies in place to respond to a crisis event, but the plans lose their value when the people involved do not routinely review and collaborate on the incident handling processes. A tabletop exercise is intended to prepare the crisis management team members with the planning and preparation necessary to effectively manage the response and recovery efforts.
A tabletop exercise gives the participants an opportunity to gain familiarity with the overall process, provide assurance to key stakeholders, and meet regulatory requirements. 
Why are Tabletops important?
Tabletop exercises are important because they give continuity plans value. These exercises are designed to ensure that the people involved are prepared to make more informed decisions during a real-life event. A tabletop drill is critical because it tests the effectiveness of the corresponding plan and allows your organization to evaluate its resilience. These drills have proven to help identify gaps and deficiencies that may exist, while ensuring better coordination and communication, so that business operations may be recovered quickly. Ultimately, tabletop exercises provide organizations the opportunity to mitigate the overall impact and exposure of a disruption before any such real-life incident occurs.
What to expect?
RCG will facilitate a session for the participants to work through an escalating scenario from a variety topics, such as a regional weather event, pandemic issue, or a cyber attack that results in a data breach. The collaborative discussion that takes place will provide your leadership the right practice to make sure the plan is actionable for any type of disruption, while also ensuring roles are understood. The tabletop discussion will address the handling of key dependencies and potential loss of facility, people, technology, and even critical service providers. 
Navigate through emergency scenarios to test the effectiveness of the plan's policies and procedures.
Collaborate on incident management tasks and recovery strategies to ensure a comprehensive approach.
Identify any gaps and provide recommendations for plan improvements.
Contact us to discuss your situation and how we can provide support.
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