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RCG Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan
The best time to prepare for a cyber incident is before it happens.
Security incidents and data breaches are inevitable regardless of how well an organization protects its environment. Cyber security threats will continue to challenge the operation of your business and the protection of your digital assets and intellectual property. Attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, more frequent, and can have harmful consequences to your business and customers. 

"Incident response" is a term used to describe the process by which an organization handles a data breach or cyberattack, including the way the organization attempts to manage the consequences of the attack or breach.
Therefore, businesses must have a comprehensive incident response plan in place to reduce response time and minimize the impact when a breach does occur. Without a well-planned and rehearsed response capability, incidents will quickly become unmanageable,unpredictable, and chaotic situations.
Preparing for an Incident
At RCG, our risk management professionals can assist your organization with incident response services and a planning model that aligns with industry standards and regulatory expectations.

We'll work with you to plan and implement incident response procedures, identify technical protocols to contain and recover from the incident, and outline breach notification procedures if required.

Not every incident is going to be the same. Therefore, incident respondents must have the ability to react to different situations. We plan and conduct tabletop exercises to give you the assurance that the defined procedures are properly executed. Staff are trained on how to respond to a security incident in a methodical manner using a defined framework.
Incident Response Planning services include:
  • Incident Response Readiness Assessments

  • Incident Response Plan Development

  • Tabletop Exercises & Training

We provide the resources and expertise to help ensure you are prepared and ready to respond to the inevitable cyber attack against your business. 

If there is any way we can help, please reach out to us to discuss your situation.

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