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FREE TRIAL: Simulated Phishing Exercise & Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Risk Compliance Group understands cybersecurity is critical to your business  and that budgets may be tight for the time being. That’s why we want to let you try our simulated phishing exercises and cyber awareness training for FREE!

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As the world navigates these uncertain times, phishing scams are on the rise and the methods attackers are using are becoming more sophisticated. 91% of successful data breaches begin with a phishing attack. It is clear that human error is the greatest cyber risk to every organization.

At no cost, find out how prepared your staff really is. After reviewing the results, you'll have the opportunity to take advantage of our ongoing learning program and fully utilize the award-winning platform (InfoSec: Security IQ).

Don’t delay. Take advantage of this generous offer while it lasts.

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The most effective foundation for data protection is a comprehensive security awareness and educational program that combines:

  • Real-world phishing simulations

  • Interactive and engaging training courses

  • Security awareness reinforcement

To further assist during this time of budget constraints, we are discounting and deferring payments for the ongoing learning program,

fully managed and facilitated by RCG.

Thanks! We'll be in touch.

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