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Preparing Your Business for the Unexpected

Welcome to Risk Compliance Group

Business leaders are faced with challenges to balance governance, risk, and compliance with daily operational needs and strategic objectives. Key stakeholders and regulators require organizations to establish and maintain appropriate information security and business resiliency programs. It is necessary to have a risk culture aimed at driving value while protecting the business from the unexpected.


RCG provides specialized Risk Advisory Services designed to do just that. We have the experience and insight on industry best practices and key regulatory guidance to translate and implement practical solutions for your business.


Learn how we help clients of all sizes and industries make risk-informed decisions, build programs and controls that address cybersecurity threats, and better prepare leadership to respond to business risk and unexpected disruptions. 


Our Services

Cybersecurity Readiness Assessment


Designed to help organizations assess current cybersecurity controls and establish a road-map towards improved information security practices.

Be proactive. Do not wait until an incident occurs. Start preparing for the unexpected today, while meeting client and regulatory expectations.

Business Continuity Planning


Your business is dependent on an actionable plan to navigate a significant business disruption. A BCP will provide the necessary response and recovery procedures to minimize the impact to your operations and clients. 

BCP & Cyber Incident
Tabletop Exercises

A tabletop exercise gives your crisis management team an opportunity to collaborate while reviewing defined procedures and strategies for responding to significant business disruptions or cybersecurity related incidents.  

Written Information
Security Program


A framework for safeguarding data that includes a comprehensive set of information security policies that aligns with industry and regulatory standards.

Cyber Incident Response


The best time to prepare for a cyber incident is before it happens. An IRP defines critical procedures for containment, recovery, and data breach handling procedures.

Network Vulnerability & Penetration Testing (Strategic Partner)


It is critical to evaluate the security of your IT infrastructure, manage vulnerabilities, and protect your network from cyber attacks so that a costly security breach does not occur. 

Email Phishing Simulations & 
Cyber Awareness Training

Employees are your last line of defense against cyber criminals. It only takes a momentary lapse in vigilance for a phishing scam to wreak havoc. It is critical to train employees to understand the latest threats and their role in safeguarding confidential data.


About Us

At RCG, our service model is simple. We are guided by our passion for supporting the growth and success of our clients through a practical approach to risk management services.

The RCG Risk Advisory Team assists organizations by helping them navigate through the challenges surrounding governance, risk, and compliance in a realistic and economical manner. We have extensive business and industry expertise, technical acumen, and the ability to identify and apply best practices.


So what sets us apart from other risk advisory firms?

Our clients value our simplistic consultation approach. We implement common sense and practicality when delivering our services to avoid the unnecessary pitfalls that often arise as a result of over-engineered solutions. Our end goal is to help you meet your organization's objectives as smoothly as possible, while ensuring compliance with industry standards.

We look forward to discussing your current situation and helping you mitigate cyber risk as you prepare for the unexpected. 


Contact RCG

How can we help you?

If you would like to discuss any of our services, please reach out to the Risk Compliance Group Team.

Risk Compliance Group

Email: Click Here to reach our Consulting Team 

Phone: 330.701.1308



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